Min Li Fine Arts

The urban setting is a defining character of post-modernity. Urbanity is a hub of the arts, sciences, and institutions that contributes to human progress. Min's vision is to capture this cosmopolitan spirit. Sourcing from his own life journeys and human experience rather than that of the cold camera lens, Min synthesizes an ancient medium to represent the most advanced scenery. He believes that no lens is more perceptive than that of the human eye and that no medium is more visually versatile as oil paint.

Min began painting human dwellings during his university career at the heights of the Taihang Mountains of Shanxi, China. There, he hiked up miles of near-vertical peaks into remote seclusion where tribal Chinese engaged in subsistence agriculture. During these formative years facing the limits of nature, Min understood the intrinsic social value of human groups.

Now in the United States, Min has produced of late the New York, Paris, Santa Barbara, and Catalina series. These works are a product of en plein air studies and studio work. His current focus is Chicago and Washington D.C. Look forward to additional series and series pages coming soon.

Cityscape Series
"Moonlight at the Crescent Ave, Avalon"
Catalina Series #1 of 7
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"Avenue des Champs-Élysées"
France Series #1 of 8
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"Summer in Amboise"
France Series #2 of 8
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"Horse Carriage of Rouen"
France Series #3 of 8
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"La Brassserie, Gare De L'est"
France Series #4 of 8
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"Luncheon in the Shade"
France Series #5 of 8
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"Unforgettable Night"
France Series #6 of 8
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"Nightfall, Montmartre"
France Series #7 of 8
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"Brise Parisienne"
France Series #8 of 8
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Summer (2017)
12x16 Oil

Catalina harbour2
16x12 Oil
$2800  Sold

Red boats
16x20 Oil on canvas

Catalina Sunny day
18x24 Oil on canvas

The World of Min Li (2006)
8x10 Book Publication

This book is a collection of 57 paintings from the period of 1982-2003. These full color panels showcase a variety of Min's work, including the France and New York series as well as a host of landscape, still-life, and figurative works.
Prints for this painting are not available at this time
Moonlight at the Crescent Ave, Avalon
24x36 Oil on canvas

This nightscape romantically depicts Catalina's Avalon Harbor at twilight. The nimble seabreazes of this warm summer evening bring harmony to the gentle waters and the lush foliage. A couple enjoys the moonlit skies atop the Casino Hotel on the horizon. Here Min expertly executes four light sources: the setting sun behind the hills, its reflection on the waters, street lights, and the subtle moonlight.
Avenue des Champs-Élysées
30x40 Oil on canvas

At the vanilla horizon of this streetscape rests the world reknown Arc de Triomphe. A modern treatment of perspective using street lanes instead of infrastructure, Min allows comparison of the vanishing point with the vertical beams of headlight reflections. As the rainy day comes to an end, fashionable Parisians in their raincoats return to the lively urbanscape.
Summer in Amboise
30x40 Oil on canvas

The vivacious town of Amboise on the Loire River is famous for the Clos Lucé manor house where Leonardo da Vinci lived at the invitation of Francis I of France. The entire street, including the architecture, is built from stone. Able to withstand the weathering of time, Amboise is a synethsis of traditional styles and contemporary amenities.
Horse Carriage of Rouen
30x30 Oil on Canvas
$8200  Sold

Amidst the nonchaloir of Rouen stands the Renaissance clock of Le Gros Horloge. Rouen’s distinctive stone architecture well complements its lush blooms of geranium écarlates. Illuminated modern boutiques and cafés alongside the horse-drawn carriage is a contrasting reminder of how the past is constantly intermingling with the present in France’s pôle urbane.
La Brassserie, Gare De L'est (2003)
30x40 Oil on canvas

In this Brewery “La Brasserie De L’est” life is indeed brewing us some excitement as Parisians and tourists alike enjoy a cup of espresso, a feline naps on a wooden chair, and a pink coated passerby checks her cellular phone.
Luncheon in the Shade
30x30 Oil on canvas

In this lilac Renoir-esque atmosphere enjoying a cup of Joe and watching the dancing shades is almost a must. The Hemingway lifestyle, English-garden chair design and blooming coeurs-de-marie make us want to don a fedora, contemplate life and enjoy this "belle de jour" to the fullest.
Unforgettable Night
30x30 Oil on canvas
$6000  Sold

Le Consulat, at the corner of Rue des Saules and Rue Saint-Rustique, hovers over one of the main entryways to the famous Place du Tertre. The magnificent cupola of Basilica du Sacre Coeur is visible at the center top of the canvas. The pebble stone streets, art galleries and cafes line the two streets making for a truly majestic nightlife.
Nightfall, Montmartre
30x40 Oil on canvas

The use of bright hues in this painting depicts the bustling nightlife of bars and restaurants like the Le Sabot Rouge in the Place du Tertre at the very heart of Montmartre. Here you can enjoy “la bohème” of the French nightlife with a side of pinot. The luminous wet pavement wooing the nightlights simply melts into the canvas as the artist’s sable brush leaves it aglimmer. Nearby, day and night, tourists visit the cabaret du Lapin Agile and Basilica du Sacre Coeur whose dome proudly resides at the top of this streetscape.
Brise Parisienne
16x20 Oil on canvas

As the Parisian breeze gently wraps itself around this kiosque des années the painter’s brush takes on an impressionistic ode to the gentlest of the heart’s winds: nostalgia.